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We are introducing a new series of posts on the Koss Home blog – Koss Recipes.
We are going to share here our culinary experiences and favorite recipes, our ways of creating something special while using simple ingredients and accessories.
The superstar of my first post in this series is a large cutting board NATURAL, having slightly irregular shape.
I am going to use it for serving our delicious blueberry buns.
How to make them between breakfast and coffee? See yourself.

Blueberry Yeast Buns Recipe

Yeast Dough:
500g flour
1 egg – yolk for dough, white for brushing the buns
80 g sugar
50g butter / margarine
250 ml milk
About 15-20 g fresh yeast
A pinch of salt

50g flour
25g sugar
30g butter
A pinch of salt

Blueberries – about 1,5 liter container – fresh or frozen (do not defrost!)
Powdered sugar to sprinkle onto the buns
About 1 tablespoon of flour to coat the blueberries
Baking paper – 2 sheets

16 buns
Preparation time is about 2,5 – 3 hours

Blueberry yeast buns are one of my favorite sweet recipes.
They are extremely easy to make and I am 100% successful.
Most of the work is done by kitchen machine, and what remains for me is the creative part – shaping the buns, giving them final touch and serving!

I put all the ingredients into the bowl of the kitchen machine.
I begin with flour, making a small well in it. The well is to hold sugar and crumbled yeast. On the side I put egg yolk and butter/ margarine cut into fine slices. The egg white remains in another bowl as it is used later to brush over the dough before placing the buns in the oven. I warm the milk slightly and pour it into the bowl so that it covers yeast and butter.
If I have time, I leave it for a couple of minutes for dough to rise. If not, I mix it immediately in the kitchen machine – for this purpose I use dough hook and set the machine to medium speed.

Teak wood cutting board NATURAL

How long shall we knead the dough?

As long as it starts to come away from the bowl and has a smooth consistency. I don’t measure time, but it’s definitely a couple of minutes.
In the summer, I cover the bowl with a cotton cloth and set it aside in a sunny place on the terrace for about an hour to rise. In winter, I set the oven to a sunny 35 degrees and let the dough rise in the warmth of the oven. I recommend dampening the cloth that you use for covering the dough – this way it won’t get a dry “crust” on it.

While the dough is rising, I have some time for myself. 1 hour should be enough for a small belly to outline under the cloth. If the dough waits for you about 1.5 hours, it shouldn’t hurt it either.

How to form blueberry buns?

Once the dough has risen, I put it onto a silicone mat, knead it a couple of times and divide in half. Each half is formed into a rolling pin and cut into 8 pieces. I form each slice gently in my hands and continue on paper-lined baking sheet. The goal is to get kind of crater in the middle (diameter of about 3-4 cm) and slightly thicker edges around it.
Now, I brush the edges of each piece with egg white to impart pleasing color and shine to my yeast buns.

We are almost there and therefore, it’s time for blueberries.
I recommend adding about 1 tablespoon of flour into the bowl with blueberries, so that they are lightly coated.
The blueberries go into these shallow craters formed carefully a moment earlier. Don’t hesitate to make a little blueberry “hill” on your buns, the borderline is when they start falling.
Before adding the crumble, sprinkle the blueberries lightly with powdered sugar.

How to make a crumble for yeast dough?

I would knead the flour, sugar and soft butter until all the ingredients are perfectly combined. I usually make the crumble from a double batch of ingredients and freeze half of it for next time. This way, I save some of my time. I form a ball of dough and put it in the fridge. How do you make a crumble out of this ball of dough? My way is quite simple – I take the cooled dough and grate it on a grater. The crumble is sprinkled over the blueberries and I am done!

I set the oven to 190 degrees and air circulation. I put 2 trays into a preheated oven, on two levels. After 15-17 min the buns are ready, lightly browned and fragrant!
NOTE: If, at the end of baking, you notice that some juice starts to leak from the fruit, it means that the buns are in the oven too long.

Dear Artist, now your turn!

Have you ever wondered how to serve fresh yeast buns, muffins or cupcakes? When fresh, they don’t like stacking, and a typical plate can accommodate only 3 or 4 of them.
Koss Home recommends the large cutting board NATURAL made of teak wood. This original board is available in two sizes, up to 44 cm and has slightly irregular shape. I often use it myself since it is a very functional solution.
Our blueberry buns disappear in a flash and what remains on the table is a natural decoration.
Remember not to leave the buns on the board for too long (e.g. overnight) – they can take on the aroma of natural teak oils.

Teak wood cutting boards

Functional and Eye-Catching

Best regards, Agata
March 2022

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