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Linen textiles - wealth of nature

You don’t need a revolution to invite nature to your home. It is not necessary to replace furniture with those made of natural wood. Indeed, they are durable and beautiful, but usually quite expensive. When tempted to change something in the interior design, start with home products and accessories made of natural materials.
Linen fabric is exceptional, a real wealth of nature. Linen textiles are soft and pleasant to the touch, easy to wash and they do not require ironing. Its timeless qualities have been appreciated for generations. With simple form of linen textiles we bring comfort and subtle elegance to our homes.
Koss Home offers textiles made of the stonewashed linen. The fabric can have wide spectrum of density – from very light to heavy. Therefore, when going through our Linen Collection, please pay attention to this parameter. Textiles from our BASIC linen collection – tablecloths, table runners, napkins and placemats – can be easily combined with each other, creating sets in the same or contrasting colors.
Choose linen and enjoy being so close to nature!

What kind of home products to choose?

It is worth giving it a thought and making a conscious and green decision. We strongly recommend focusing on environmentally friendly materials with high durability, which will not lose their functionality over time. Does it mean a compromise – durability instead of attractive appearance? Absolutely not! There are many natural materials which with time and wear become even more interesting and charming. Cotton, linen and wood are excellent examples. Please consider that the product we select should be an epitome of good taste rather then an epitome of fashion. Versatility is the key to product’s long life. It is also guarantee that it will look good in any interior, regardless of the surroundings such as furniture, floors or colors of the walls. If you want to implement that principle in your life, Koss Home is the right place to visit.
Linen textiles, simple and minimalist but also in subdued colors, will fit almost any arrangement. Original cotton cord and teak wood products supplement the composition.
Imagine… warm and cozy, comfortable and stylish… your home.

How to create a cozy and eco-friendly atmosphere at home?

An environmentally friendly home is not only about furniture and equipment, not only about energy and water consumption. It is also – and perhaps above all – about home accessories. Small items are rotating more and can quickly generate a pile of rubbish. When buying kitchen utensils or other accessories and home products for bathroom, living room, or bedroom, always pay attention to the material they are made of. Natural materials such as linen or cotton help to create cozy and warm interior. Their plainness is charming.

Linen inspirations

We have prepared an number of inspirations for you – linen textiles in various arrangements. Find out how easy it is to fit linen into your home. Creativity, that is the only limit!

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