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Natural materials & home products inspired by nature

Koss Home arose from our fascination with priceless qualities of materials originating from nature. Natural materials love our body and senses. The affection is mutual – they are so kind to us that we fall in love with them immediately. At Koss Home we want to share our passion by offering products which complement each other creating cozy, harmonious living space. 

Linen, teak and cotton – discover the foundation of Koss Home.

Wood, linen and cotton - perfect trio

Our offer is based on three groups of products.

The first group are teak dishes, accessories and decorations handmade in Bali. Discover our Teak wood Collection and explore the variety of forms and shapes. See yourself, how original the products are. Teak dishes and decorations, simple and naturally colored, draw our attention. We touch their velvety texture and we want to have them. We want to enjoy their unique style and timeless, effortless elegance.
Along with Teak wood Collection, we offer linen textiles and many products and decorations made of cotton cord, all in warm and neutral colors.
Our basic Linen Collection is very universal. Simple design and subdued colors of nature guarantee timelessness of our products. Linen textiles are sewn locally, by tailors committed to provide best quality of service. The fabric originates in Europe.
Cotton cord products are handmade by Koss Home team, with attention to every detail. Vast majority is crocheted, but we also happen to offer knitted items. Due to limited time we can spend crocheting and our commitment to best quality, this collection is truly unique. Some of the products are one-timers.

Harmonious interior - for your comfort

Harmony in interior design

Teak, linen and cotton cord

Combining natural materials in interior design is always a great opportunity for creativity. Home products such as cotton cord rugs and baskets are subtle and visually light in the interior. Linen textiles, soft and having natural creases, create cozy, informal atmosphere. Natural wood is an exotic touch. Combined, they create harmonious and warm interior.

Koss Home means passion. We are inspired by the beauty of natural forms and materials.

Let’s be closer to nature!

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