Linen tablecloth on your table

Linen tablecloths are back on our tables. Have you ever considered a table as a center of our social life? It is at the table, where we meet with family and friends. In the kitchen, dining room or on the terrace – does not really matter. The time stops, we are HERE and NOW. What matters is people and delicious food. However, the scenery and atmosphere of the meeting are equally important. How to create the atmosphere we are looking for? Let’s do it by means of original table settings and decorations. At Koss Home, we are focused on natural materials. We offer linen textiles and teak dishes that complement each other perfectly. Start from there and use our tablecloths as a base for your table settings. Linen has been present in our homes for years. Its qualities were appreciated by generations. Linen tablecloth is natural and timeless. It is simple and somehow raw, but it brings a touch of luxury to the interior. Koss Home linen tablecloths are made of stonewashed linen, all from European crops. They are available in six subdued colors. All linen that we use is OEKO-TEX certified.

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