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Linen. We’ve known each other for a short time but, no doubt, it was love at first touch.
All because of Koss Home.
My friend Rose suggested that we included stonewashed linen textiles in the offer of our newly created online store. She selected and ordered the fabric, chose colors and design, finally had it sewed perfectly.

Then, I saw them – gorgeous pillowcases, tablecloths, placemats and napkins.
What makes linen so charming? There is no simple answer I guess.
Is it about the softness of the fabric or its natural look? Is it about this simple elegance or maybe about the colors that can be combined with each other and thus change the atmosphere of the house? You have to try and see yourself.
Shall we choose linen then? Certainly!

Is it true that linen does not need ironing?

Yes, it’s true! Linen, when being properly taken care of, looks very nice without ironing. All you need to do is stretch your linen textiles gently after washing, shape them and dry in such a way that no creases remain.

There are people who iron linen carefully, as this perfect look fits them best.
I prefer the no iron option. I always look for a compromise between the effect that I want to achieve and the time spent on it.
Before I tried linen, my obvious choice was thick cotton – tablecloths, pillowcases, curtains. They look great, but ironing… so time consuming. Now, they will have to compete with linen textiles. It’s been decided – summer arrangement of my living and dining room will be based on linen.
Last year I treated myself with pillowcases from Koss Home summer collection and now, I am going to get dusty blue tablecloth and white curtains.

Summer look

... summer arrangement of my living room will be based on linen

What kind of linen to choose?

At Koss Home we rely on the so called stonewashed linen which is pre-washed after production but before it is sold. The process makes the fabric soft and delicate, while shrinkage of final products is limited.
This type of linen is so easy to love – it is pleasant to the touch, drapes naturally and looks great without ironing. Linen can be grouped further based on fabric density.
Our products are made of two kinds of stonewashed linen – the thinner one of density 160 g/m2, and thicker – of density 250 g/m2.

Which linen density it better?

It all depends on the effect we want to achieve and our personal preferences. I choose linen of density 160g/m2 – it’s visually lighter and kind of flowy.
At home I choose light and calm colors. I try to avoid extravagance and fashion as it passes so quickly. My choice is a delicate style, balanced and timeless.
The stonewashed medium tablecloths and pillowcases are the products that I am looking for. They do not dominate the interior, but only complement it, creating warm and cozy atmosphere.
The stonewashed heavy linen, on the contrary, has a clear weave and therefore is visually much stronger. It won’t hide in the shadow of other objects. It is there and wants to be noticed. Textiles made of heavy linen would fit perfectly modern and industrial interiors, especially those complemented by wood.


... does not dominate the interior, but only complements it, creating warm and cozy atmosphere


... has a clear weave and therefore is visually much stronger. It won't hide in the shadow of other objects

I would like to invite you to Koss Home online store for linen shopping.
I guarantee that you will not regret it.
Linen is a wonderful, natural fabric and I’m sure you will soon appreciate it.

Wishing you love from the very first touch, Agata
May 2022

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