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Springtime inspirations, this is what I am going to share today.
On March 20th the equinox occurred, marking the beginning of spring.

We start noticing its first signs, bringing joy and colors to our surroundings. Nature has slowly been awakening. With new hopes and a smile on my face I welcome this beautiful season. It is time for some new garment, time to refresh the house with some new accents and new decorations.

However, spring is not just about early blooming flowers, not just about getting additional hours of daylight. Spring also means Easter.
To emphasize the atmosphere of these special moments, I choose decorations originating from nature – flowers, twigs with fresh spring leaves, but also accessories made of natural materials. This way, I bring festive mood and spring aura to my home and look forward to celebrating Easter with family and friends.

Linen placemat

... Linen tablecloth, runner or placemats - just the circumstances and colors of linen change

Linen, a natural and timeless table decoration

Linen is by far my favorite fabric. It has always been in in my life. Linen tablecloth, runner or placemats – just the circumstances and colors of linen change.

The time, which I longed for, has just arrived – spring has come, Easter is just a step away, wonderful!
I start planning on meetings with family and friends. People and delicious food, that is what counts most. Nevertheless, the atmosphere of the meeting is equally important. How to build it? Well, certainly there are many ways, but I say dress your table with nature.

The subdued colors of linen textiles, combined with simple design, provide perfect base for more vivid season’s decorations.

For Easter breakfast I always use one of my favorite linen tablecloths – Pure White or Natural. Suddenly, in some magic way, I move to my family home, peaceful and bursting with joy and laughter of children running around the table. I can hear my mother’s voice and see her spreading a stiff linen tablecloth on the table kissed by rays of sun.
My mother would always choose to iron linen. Myself, on the contrary, I am a big fan of linen in its natural form, with creases and wrinkles.

Linen tablecloth

... linen has always been in my life

Linen table runner

... my favorite color is Dusty Blue

When the time comes to serve some coffee and cake, I am choosing a plain linen table runner. My favorite color is Dusty Blue. After long and gray winter season this color is really refreshing. Moreover, it goes perfectly with tulips, daffodils or hyacinths.
Don’t forget to open the windows to let this gentle spring breeze come inside…

Teak decoration in your leisure zone

Ever since teak wood appeared in my house, I keep loving it. I use it as a basis for all kind of decorative arrangements, for special occasions but also in our day-to-day domestic life.
Square and rectangular plates are simply great for displaying candles, dried flowers or natural stones, which are very important to me. Teak wood dishes accompanied by linen textiles create a perfect duo. 

Rectangular wooden plate

... great for displaying dried flowers

Wooden plates

...for Easter

This year I purchased traditional batik Easter eggs, actually quite modern version of them. I am going to put them on a wooden plate, next to some moss and spring flowers. How do you like the idea?

Have a wonderful springtime!
With regards, Rose
April 2022

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