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It is time to tidy up our homes, to make them neat and clean for Christmas, for the moments of tranquility and family gatherings. The goal is to make our home a true relaxation temple. Before you start cleaning, sorting and reorganizing, take a break and think about how to make the task easier? Or better… find out how we can help you. We do have some ideas.

A properly arranged space is key. Seems like a simple task, but how to do it in practice? Our suggestion is using wooden dishes, linen bags and cotton cord baskets. They are available in different sizes and should always be on hand.

How about mitigating our lovely mess by means of original products and natural materials? Let’s try and arrange home space with Koss Home.

Bowls can use them for storing fresh fruits

Organize your kitchen

Kitchen, that is our first stop – natural materials would match here perfectly. Wooden boards and dishes are valuable aid when cooking and serving dishes.
Bowls of various sizes will help you with preparing and sorting ingredients needed for cooking. Fresh fruit can be kept in a large bowl, and various kitchen utensils, such as spoons and spatulas, in a simple container. A set of cutting boards is highly recommended for any kitchen – for cutting, serving and using them as heat resistant pads. Depending on your preference – identical trio or a range of shapes – they will play both functional and decorative role. Cotton cord baskets and wooden trays will help you organize your little kitchen mess – in the drawers, on the kitchen table or countertop. Linen bags are great for storing bread, onions, garlic, almonds or nuts.

Linen bags

... to store nuts, almonds, vegetables and fruit


... for cutting, serving or using as heat resistant pad


... to store your kitchen utensils


... to hide the things that should not be exposed

Bathroom - let's make it neat and clean

Cosmetics and body care products, put here and there, they slowly take up more and more space on the bathroom countertop or shelf. We all know something about it, right? Colors and shapes begin to dominate even the most designer interior. What is left is simply chaos.
Our solution is using cotton cord baskets. They can easily hide the things that should not be exposed. The minimum, that is needed daily and should be on hand, can be put on a wooden plate. Koss Home offers teak plates of various shapes and sizes. Therefore, it is easy to find something meeting your needs. A simple teak container mentioned above, in the kitchen section, is also a practical solution for a bathroom. It can accommodate makeup accessories, cotton pads or other small items.


... to make sure, that what is needed, is truly on hand

Time to deal with living room?

A coffee table. This place can fairly quickly turn into real mess. It is where remote controls, coasters, napkins, notes, pencils, mobile phones and headphones end up, isn’t it?
Why not having baskets from Creativity collection? Please note, that the larger can be supplemented with a flat, round teak plate. They will organize our coffee table – everything will remain on hand, with attention attracted by … the baskets! Blankets and rugs may have their place in a large cotton cord basket. We are happy to make it for you in your favorite color. Please contact us at With the code BLOG1221, you will receive a 5% discount on a basket made for your individual order (NOTE: only the color is subject to change, dimensions remain the same).

Cotton cord basket

... great for blankets and throws

Baskets Creativity

... will organize our coffee table, everything is available but discreetly hidden

Wishing you enjoyable preparations for Christmas season, have a lot of creative solutions!

Relax & take it easy!
Regards, Agata
December 2021

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