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Why did I choose bathroom redesign changes as a topic for my next post? Where did the idea for an oriental-exotic mix come from? Necessity, My Dears!
Our favorite bathroom has recently become too chaotic. For quite a long time, I’ve kept it in a delicate spa style – white combined with wood and sandy beige. Recently, I realized that there are too many baskets, too many cosmetics, and this apparently insignificant chaos started to bother me. I was looking for inspiration. One day, quite unexpectedly, I came across these gorgeous blue and white plates. I thought I would use them as a base and would set them with teak wood. It is well known that teak is great for bathroom arrangements because of its properties. And so the idea for bathroom redesign took clear shape. I had no choice, I had to face it! The effect? See yourself.


Oriental-Exotic Mix Recipe


  • 3-4 round stoneware plates, fine pattern with a slightly oriental character
  • 2-3 Koss Home teak plates, flat with raised rim
  • 2 Koss Home teak bowls, size 10 cm
  • 1 Koss Home teaspoon White towels – quantity as desired
  • mouline (embroidery floss) in the color of plate pattern – for making tassels for the towels
  • 2 Koss Home cotton cord baskets, Simply White collection
  • optional – Koss Home cotton cord rug, Simply White collection – depends on how much space you have in the bathroom
  • glass lanterns – you can use decorative storage jars – quantity at your discretion
  • candles, tealight candles – paraffin or led – as you prefer
  • dried lime leaves – they look and smell beautiful

         Let’s get started!

Bathroom design refresh - What to start with?

It is worth to start this super enjoyable project with a bit less enjoyable cleaning. We all know that mess just happens by itself, but not the cleaning – this has to be done.
To begin with, let’s consider how many cosmetics and accessories we have. Do we need them all? Keep in mind, that every purchase makes your wallet leaner, and every cosmetic with expired date that you decide to throw away is a waste. If we do throw away, let’s do it consciously, segregating waste and drawing conclusions for the future.
Getting rid of those excess items would give us back some space. Washing and vacuuming surfaces and furniture will bring back freshness.

Teak wood PLATE

Teak wood TEA SPOON

Teak wood BOWL

Bathroom accessories

As a base I am using a set of white and blue stoneware plates, with a slightly oriental character. My first thought when I saw them was Morocco and a small hotel in Marrakech.
I am setting them with teak wood plates which are larger but also round, with raised rim. Teak wood is really easy to match with china, stoneware or glass. Having intense color and grain, teak beautifully complements delicate, natural tones.

Other than plates, I decided to use cotton cord baskets from Koss Home Simply White collection and white towels.
I reach for baskets because I want to hide some accessories and cosmetics that should be on hand but not necessarily visible.
My idea for the towels is to decorate them with original tassels, which is another oriental note in our arrangement. I made them of mouline, embroidery cotton thread, available in a wide range of colors and shades, safe for other fabrics – mouline of good quality does not dye. I made 4 tassels in different shades of blue and used them to mark the towels of family members.
Following the No Waste principle, I used some mouline that I had at home.
I placed tealight candles in glass lanterns of two sizes. I used decorative storage jars, which are just perfect in this role. They beautifully refract the light, creating a unique atmosphere. I placed two lanterns on a wooden plate, garnished with lime leaves.


Feel comfortable in your home!
Best regards, Agata
February 2022

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