Tablecloth – stonewashed medium linen OFF WHITE


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Off white tablecloth, made of soft stonewashed linen of density 180 g / m2. The tablecloth has a simple, minimalist finish of 3 cm edge. Size 140 x 220 cm.
Stonewashed linen is pre-washed after production but before it is sold. This process makes the fabric soft and delicate, preventing from shrinkage of ready products.
The tablecloth is beautiful and timeless. Natural wrinkles and creases of the fabric constitute its charming character.

Explore the variety of products and combine our linen textiles. Check other linen tablecloths from our offer.

You can order a tablecloth in one of the colors from our offer and the size that you need/ quantity that you need. Since the products are sewn locally, we don’t build stock. To place such an order, please contact us by sending an email to

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Off white tablecloth, made of soft stonewashed fabric of density 180 g / m2. Having a simple, minimalist finish of 3 cm edge. Size 140 x 220 cm. Beautiful and timeless. Individual orders possible at
Explore our linen collection and combine our linen textiles.
Check other linen tablecloths from our offer. 


Size: 140 x 220 cm

Color: off white, ecru

Material: 100% European stonewashed linen, density: 160 g / m2, OEKO-TEX certified. The fabric is light and soft but at the same time long-lasting and strong. In the summer it nicely cools our skin, in winter brings warmth and protection. Pure linen is naturally hypoallergenic and skin-friendly and therefore is recommended for babies and those suffering from allergies. Perfectly absorbs moisture. 100% biodegradable. Live green. All linen collection is sewn locally in Poland.

Product care

Washing: Machine wash, with like colors, gentle cycle. If hand washed, do not wring. Recommended temperature 30 deg C, max 40 deg C. Too high temperatures may cause shrinkage.

Detergent: Use mild detergent. Do not bleach.

Drying: Let it dry naturally. After washing form the product to its original shape. Hang carefully when still moist.

Ironing: Does not need ironing. If needed, iron on the left side, in high temperature, when still slightly moist.

Please note that linen crumples easily, that’s a charming fact about it.
When storing linen products, it is worth taking care of proper air circulation. With every wash, linen products become softer. Following the above recommendations you will enjoy the products for many years.


Linen is a natural material. Can shrink and crumple. Due to variation in screen settings, color of the actual product might vary from what you see in the photo.


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