Homemade granola – how to make it?

domowa granola

Homemade granola is a wholesome part of our daily diet. It is healthy and truly delicious. Granola not only tastes great, but also looks very appetizing.
Granola is based on simple, natural ingredients – oatmeal, nuts, bran and dried fruit. It is really quick and easy to make.
Apart from the ingredients, we need a bowl, a cutting board, a wooden spoon and a baking tray.

I do recommend using teak boards and teak accessories, they make the difference, trust me. Let’s start!

Granola ingredients

Solid ingredients to be mixed:
– 7 cups of regular oats (not instant oatmeal)
– 2 cups of coconut
– 2 cups of Grape Nut cereal (use the generic kind like Krunchy Nutties)
– 1 cup of wheat flour
– 0,5 cup of sugar
– 1 cup of firmly packed dark brown sugar
– 1 teaspoon of salt
– 0,5 cup of whole almonds
– 0,5 cup of pecans

This makes about 1 gallon of granola.

Liquid ingredients to be mixed:
– 1,5 cup of vegetable oil (not olive oil)
– 1 teaspoon of of almond extract
– 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
– 0,33 cup of maple syrup
– 0,5 cup of water

The original recipe comes from USA. I got it from Carol – my dear friend and manager.
After trying it once I do it regularly, playing a bit with the ingredients, depending on what I have at home. I always divide the quantity by half. With bigger family of granola lovers do not hesitate to prepare the full load.

How to make granola?

Mix together dry ingredients. Then, make a depression in the center and add the liquid mixture that has been thoroughly mixed in another container.
Stir all until all the solid is coated with the liquid. Put it in a large pan and bake at 350 K (180 degrees C) until it is golden brown (about 35 min). Stir it several times.
Cool completely, then store in an airtight container.

Teak bowl with chopstics

Home made granola - practical tips

My best practice is to add sugar and firmly packed brown sugar to the liquids. I mix it with liquids until it melts. This way I can’t feel sugar grains in my granola.

You can:
– add more nuts of various kinds (I add walnuts as I like them a lot)
– exchange white sugar with brown sugar (I always do it, I use the ordinary brown sugar available in EU)
– mix wheat flour with wheat bran (I mix them half to half)
– add less salt/ less or no almond & vanilla extract (it depends on your preference, I usually reduce those)
– mix firmly packed dark brown sugar with firmly packed light brown sugar (I add the kind of firmly packed brown sugar that I currently have, sometimes mixing both kinds)

Do not:
– replace firmly packed dark brown sugar with this ordinary, loose brown sugar that can be bought in the EU. The firmly packed brown sugar contains more of molasses which helps the granola to clump.

After baking I add some raisins, cut dried plums, apricots, dates, figs or cranberry. The kind of dried fruit and the quantity is up to you. Do not add it before baking as all those burn easily and become hard and bitter.

Cutting board pineapple

Best regards, Agata
March 2023

Stonewashed linen, shall we choose it? My story

Linen. We’ve known each other for a short time but, no doubt, it was love at first touch.
All because of Koss Home.
My friend Rose suggested that we included stonewashed linen textiles in the offer of our newly created online store. She selected and ordered the fabric, chose colors and design, finally had it sewed perfectly.

Then, I saw them – gorgeous pillowcases, tablecloths, placemats and napkins.
What makes linen so charming? There is no simple answer I guess.
Is it about the softness of the fabric or its natural look? Is it about this simple elegance or maybe about the colors that can be combined with each other and thus change the atmosphere of the house? You have to try and see yourself.
Shall we choose linen then? Certainly!

Is it true that linen does not need ironing?

Yes, it’s true! Linen, when being properly taken care of, looks very nice without ironing. All you need to do is stretch your linen textiles gently after washing, shape them and dry in such a way that no creases remain.

There are people who iron linen carefully, as this perfect look fits them best.
I prefer the no iron option. I always look for a compromise between the effect that I want to achieve and the time spent on it.
Before I tried linen, my obvious choice was thick cotton – tablecloths, pillowcases, curtains. They look great, but ironing… so time consuming. Now, they will have to compete with linen textiles. It’s been decided – summer arrangement of my living and dining room will be based on linen.
Last year I treated myself with pillowcases from Koss Home summer collection and now, I am going to get dusty blue tablecloth and white curtains.

Summer look

... summer arrangement of my living room will be based on linen

What kind of linen to choose?

At Koss Home we rely on the so called stonewashed linen which is pre-washed after production but before it is sold. The process makes the fabric soft and delicate, while shrinkage of final products is limited.
This type of linen is so easy to love – it is pleasant to the touch, drapes naturally and looks great without ironing. Linen can be grouped further based on fabric density.
Our products are made of two kinds of stonewashed linen – the thinner one of density 160 g/m2, and thicker – of density 250 g/m2.

Which linen density it better?

It all depends on the effect we want to achieve and our personal preferences. I choose linen of density 160g/m2 – it’s visually lighter and kind of flowy.
At home I choose light and calm colors. I try to avoid extravagance and fashion as it passes so quickly. My choice is a delicate style, balanced and timeless.
The stonewashed medium tablecloths and pillowcases are the products that I am looking for. They do not dominate the interior, but only complement it, creating warm and cozy atmosphere.
The stonewashed heavy linen, on the contrary, has a clear weave and therefore is visually much stronger. It won’t hide in the shadow of other objects. It is there and wants to be noticed. Textiles made of heavy linen would fit perfectly modern and industrial interiors, especially those complemented by wood.


... does not dominate the interior, but only complements it, creating warm and cozy atmosphere


... has a clear weave and therefore is visually much stronger. It won't hide in the shadow of other objects

I would like to invite you to Koss Home online store for linen shopping.
I guarantee that you will not regret it.
Linen is a wonderful, natural fabric and I’m sure you will soon appreciate it.

Wishing you love from the very first touch, Agata
May 2022

Springtime inspirations

Springtime inspirations, this is what I am going to share today.
On March 20th the equinox occurred, marking the beginning of spring.

We start noticing its first signs, bringing joy and colors to our surroundings. Nature has slowly been awakening. With new hopes and a smile on my face I welcome this beautiful season. It is time for some new garment, time to refresh the house with some new accents and new decorations.

However, spring is not just about early blooming flowers, not just about getting additional hours of daylight. Spring also means Easter.
To emphasize the atmosphere of these special moments, I choose decorations originating from nature – flowers, twigs with fresh spring leaves, but also accessories made of natural materials. This way, I bring festive mood and spring aura to my home and look forward to celebrating Easter with family and friends.

Linen placemat

... Linen tablecloth, runner or placemats - just the circumstances and colors of linen change

Linen, a natural and timeless table decoration

Linen is by far my favorite fabric. It has always been in in my life. Linen tablecloth, runner or placemats – just the circumstances and colors of linen change.

The time, which I longed for, has just arrived – spring has come, Easter is just a step away, wonderful!
I start planning on meetings with family and friends. People and delicious food, that is what counts most. Nevertheless, the atmosphere of the meeting is equally important. How to build it? Well, certainly there are many ways, but I say dress your table with nature.

The subdued colors of linen textiles, combined with simple design, provide perfect base for more vivid season’s decorations.

For Easter breakfast I always use one of my favorite linen tablecloths – Pure White or Natural. Suddenly, in some magic way, I move to my family home, peaceful and bursting with joy and laughter of children running around the table. I can hear my mother’s voice and see her spreading a stiff linen tablecloth on the table kissed by rays of sun.
My mother would always choose to iron linen. Myself, on the contrary, I am a big fan of linen in its natural form, with creases and wrinkles.

Linen tablecloth

... linen has always been in my life

Linen table runner

... my favorite color is Dusty Blue

When the time comes to serve some coffee and cake, I am choosing a plain linen table runner. My favorite color is Dusty Blue. After long and gray winter season this color is really refreshing. Moreover, it goes perfectly with tulips, daffodils or hyacinths.
Don’t forget to open the windows to let this gentle spring breeze come inside…

Teak decoration in your leisure zone

Ever since teak wood appeared in my house, I keep loving it. I use it as a basis for all kind of decorative arrangements, for special occasions but also in our day-to-day domestic life.
Square and rectangular plates are simply great for displaying candles, dried flowers or natural stones, which are very important to me. Teak wood dishes accompanied by linen textiles create a perfect duo. 

Rectangular wooden plate

... great for displaying dried flowers

Wooden plates

...for Easter

This year I purchased traditional batik Easter eggs, actually quite modern version of them. I am going to put them on a wooden plate, next to some moss and spring flowers. How do you like the idea?

Have a wonderful springtime!
With regards, Rose
April 2022

Koss Recipes – cutting board NATURAL and blueberry bun duo

We are introducing a new series of posts on the Koss Home blog – Koss Recipes.
We are going to share here our culinary experiences and favorite recipes, our ways of creating something special while using simple ingredients and accessories.
The superstar of my first post in this series is a large cutting board NATURAL, having slightly irregular shape.
I am going to use it for serving our delicious blueberry buns.
How to make them between breakfast and coffee? See yourself.

Blueberry Yeast Buns Recipe

Yeast Dough:
500g flour
1 egg – yolk for dough, white for brushing the buns
80 g sugar
50g butter / margarine
250 ml milk
About 15-20 g fresh yeast
A pinch of salt

50g flour
25g sugar
30g butter
A pinch of salt

Blueberries – about 1,5 liter container – fresh or frozen (do not defrost!)
Powdered sugar to sprinkle onto the buns
About 1 tablespoon of flour to coat the blueberries
Baking paper – 2 sheets

16 buns
Preparation time is about 2,5 – 3 hours

Blueberry yeast buns are one of my favorite sweet recipes.
They are extremely easy to make and I am 100% successful.
Most of the work is done by kitchen machine, and what remains for me is the creative part – shaping the buns, giving them final touch and serving!

I put all the ingredients into the bowl of the kitchen machine.
I begin with flour, making a small well in it. The well is to hold sugar and crumbled yeast. On the side I put egg yolk and butter/ margarine cut into fine slices. The egg white remains in another bowl as it is used later to brush over the dough before placing the buns in the oven. I warm the milk slightly and pour it into the bowl so that it covers yeast and butter.
If I have time, I leave it for a couple of minutes for dough to rise. If not, I mix it immediately in the kitchen machine – for this purpose I use dough hook and set the machine to medium speed.

Teak wood cutting board NATURAL

How long shall we knead the dough?

As long as it starts to come away from the bowl and has a smooth consistency. I don’t measure time, but it’s definitely a couple of minutes.
In the summer, I cover the bowl with a cotton cloth and set it aside in a sunny place on the terrace for about an hour to rise. In winter, I set the oven to a sunny 35 degrees and let the dough rise in the warmth of the oven. I recommend dampening the cloth that you use for covering the dough – this way it won’t get a dry “crust” on it.

While the dough is rising, I have some time for myself. 1 hour should be enough for a small belly to outline under the cloth. If the dough waits for you about 1.5 hours, it shouldn’t hurt it either.

How to form blueberry buns?

Once the dough has risen, I put it onto a silicone mat, knead it a couple of times and divide in half. Each half is formed into a rolling pin and cut into 8 pieces. I form each slice gently in my hands and continue on paper-lined baking sheet. The goal is to get kind of crater in the middle (diameter of about 3-4 cm) and slightly thicker edges around it.
Now, I brush the edges of each piece with egg white to impart pleasing color and shine to my yeast buns.

We are almost there and therefore, it’s time for blueberries.
I recommend adding about 1 tablespoon of flour into the bowl with blueberries, so that they are lightly coated.
The blueberries go into these shallow craters formed carefully a moment earlier. Don’t hesitate to make a little blueberry “hill” on your buns, the borderline is when they start falling.
Before adding the crumble, sprinkle the blueberries lightly with powdered sugar.

How to make a crumble for yeast dough?

I would knead the flour, sugar and soft butter until all the ingredients are perfectly combined. I usually make the crumble from a double batch of ingredients and freeze half of it for next time. This way, I save some of my time. I form a ball of dough and put it in the fridge. How do you make a crumble out of this ball of dough? My way is quite simple – I take the cooled dough and grate it on a grater. The crumble is sprinkled over the blueberries and I am done!

I set the oven to 190 degrees and air circulation. I put 2 trays into a preheated oven, on two levels. After 15-17 min the buns are ready, lightly browned and fragrant!
NOTE: If, at the end of baking, you notice that some juice starts to leak from the fruit, it means that the buns are in the oven too long.

Dear Artist, now your turn!

Have you ever wondered how to serve fresh yeast buns, muffins or cupcakes? When fresh, they don’t like stacking, and a typical plate can accommodate only 3 or 4 of them.
Koss Home recommends the large cutting board NATURAL made of teak wood. This original board is available in two sizes, up to 44 cm and has slightly irregular shape. I often use it myself since it is a very functional solution.
Our blueberry buns disappear in a flash and what remains on the table is a natural decoration.
Remember not to leave the buns on the board for too long (e.g. overnight) – they can take on the aroma of natural teak oils.

Teak wood cutting boards

Functional and Eye-Catching

Best regards, Agata
March 2022

Bathroom redesign ideas

Why did I choose bathroom redesign changes as a topic for my next post? Where did the idea for an oriental-exotic mix come from? Necessity, My Dears!
Our favorite bathroom has recently become too chaotic. For quite a long time, I’ve kept it in a delicate spa style – white combined with wood and sandy beige. Recently, I realized that there are too many baskets, too many cosmetics, and this apparently insignificant chaos started to bother me. I was looking for inspiration. One day, quite unexpectedly, I came across these gorgeous blue and white plates. I thought I would use them as a base and would set them with teak wood. It is well known that teak is great for bathroom arrangements because of its properties. And so the idea for bathroom redesign took clear shape. I had no choice, I had to face it! The effect? See yourself.


Oriental-Exotic Mix Recipe


  • 3-4 round stoneware plates, fine pattern with a slightly oriental character
  • 2-3 Koss Home teak plates, flat with raised rim
  • 2 Koss Home teak bowls, size 10 cm
  • 1 Koss Home teaspoon White towels – quantity as desired
  • mouline (embroidery floss) in the color of plate pattern – for making tassels for the towels
  • 2 Koss Home cotton cord baskets, Simply White collection
  • optional – Koss Home cotton cord rug, Simply White collection – depends on how much space you have in the bathroom
  • glass lanterns – you can use decorative storage jars – quantity at your discretion
  • candles, tealight candles – paraffin or led – as you prefer
  • dried lime leaves – they look and smell beautiful

         Let’s get started!

Bathroom design refresh - What to start with?

It is worth to start this super enjoyable project with a bit less enjoyable cleaning. We all know that mess just happens by itself, but not the cleaning – this has to be done.
To begin with, let’s consider how many cosmetics and accessories we have. Do we need them all? Keep in mind, that every purchase makes your wallet leaner, and every cosmetic with expired date that you decide to throw away is a waste. If we do throw away, let’s do it consciously, segregating waste and drawing conclusions for the future.
Getting rid of those excess items would give us back some space. Washing and vacuuming surfaces and furniture will bring back freshness.

Teak wood PLATE

Teak wood TEA SPOON

Teak wood BOWL

Bathroom accessories

As a base I am using a set of white and blue stoneware plates, with a slightly oriental character. My first thought when I saw them was Morocco and a small hotel in Marrakech.
I am setting them with teak wood plates which are larger but also round, with raised rim. Teak wood is really easy to match with china, stoneware or glass. Having intense color and grain, teak beautifully complements delicate, natural tones.

Other than plates, I decided to use cotton cord baskets from Koss Home Simply White collection and white towels.
I reach for baskets because I want to hide some accessories and cosmetics that should be on hand but not necessarily visible.
My idea for the towels is to decorate them with original tassels, which is another oriental note in our arrangement. I made them of mouline, embroidery cotton thread, available in a wide range of colors and shades, safe for other fabrics – mouline of good quality does not dye. I made 4 tassels in different shades of blue and used them to mark the towels of family members.
Following the No Waste principle, I used some mouline that I had at home.
I placed tealight candles in glass lanterns of two sizes. I used decorative storage jars, which are just perfect in this role. They beautifully refract the light, creating a unique atmosphere. I placed two lanterns on a wooden plate, garnished with lime leaves.


Feel comfortable in your home!
Best regards, Agata
February 2022

Christmas is coming, tidy up your home!

It is time to tidy up our homes, to make them neat and clean for Christmas, for the moments of tranquility and family gatherings. The goal is to make our home a true relaxation temple. Before you start cleaning, sorting and reorganizing, take a break and think about how to make the task easier? Or better… find out how we can help you. We do have some ideas.

A properly arranged space is key. Seems like a simple task, but how to do it in practice? Our suggestion is using wooden dishes, linen bags and cotton cord baskets. They are available in different sizes and should always be on hand.

How about mitigating our lovely mess by means of original products and natural materials? Let’s try and arrange home space with Koss Home.


...you can use them for storing fresh fruits

Organize your kitchen

Kitchen, that is our first stop – natural materials would match here perfectly. Wooden boards and dishes are valuable aid when cooking and serving dishes.
Bowls of various sizes will help you with preparing and sorting ingredients needed for cooking. Fresh fruit can be kept in a large bowl, and various kitchen utensils, such as spoons and spatulas, in a simple container. A set of cutting boards is highly recommended for any kitchen – for cutting, serving and using them as heat resistant pads. Depending on your preference – identical trio or a range of shapes – they will play both functional and decorative role. Cotton cord baskets and wooden trays will help you organize your little kitchen mess – in the drawers, on the kitchen table or countertop. Linen bags are great for storing bread, onions, garlic, almonds or nuts.

Linen bags

... to store nuts, almonds, vegetables and fruit


... for cutting, serving or using as heat resistant pad


... to store your kitchen utensils


... to hide the things that should not be exposed

Bathroom - let's make it neat and clean

Cosmetics and body care products, put here and there, they slowly take up more and more space on the bathroom countertop or shelf. We all know something about it, right? Colors and shapes begin to dominate even the most designer interior. What is left is simply chaos.
Our solution is using cotton cord baskets. They can easily hide the things that should not be exposed. The minimum, that is needed daily and should be on hand, can be put on a wooden plate. Koss Home offers teak plates of various shapes and sizes. Therefore, it is easy to find something meeting your needs. A simple teak container mentioned above, in the kitchen section, is also a practical solution for a bathroom. It can accommodate makeup accessories, cotton pads or other small items.


... to make sure, that what is needed, is truly on hand

Time to deal with living room?

A coffee table. This place can fairly quickly turn into real mess. It is where remote controls, coasters, napkins, notes, pencils, mobile phones and headphones end up, isn’t it?
Why not having baskets from Creativity collection? Please note, that the larger can be supplemented with a flat, round teak plate. They will organize our coffee table – everything will remain on hand, with attention attracted by … the baskets! Blankets and rugs may have their place in a large cotton cord basket. We are happy to make it for you in your favorite color. Please contact us at customer@kosshome.pl. With the code BLOG1221, you will receive a 5% discount on a basket made for your individual order (NOTE: only the color is subject to change, dimensions remain the same).

Cotton cord basket

... great for blankets and throws

Baskets Creativity

... will organize our coffee table, everything is available but discreetly hidden

Wishing you enjoyable preparations for Christmas season, have a lot of creative solutions!

Relax & take it easy!
Regards, Agata
December 2021

Original Balinese handcraft

Balinese handcraft is a variety of original, hand-made products, made of natural materials such as teak wood, coconut shell or banana leaves. The Koss Home Bali Collection is just a sample of what Balinese craftsmen can offer. To start with, we chose dishes, decorations and accessories made of teak wood.

Bali Collection

... Bali Collection is just a sample of what Balinese craftsmen can offer

Project Bali provides our suppliers with orders and income the pandemic has deprived them of. We cooperate with craftsmen from the area of Ubud. All products are handmade.

My heart was stolen by the lady who made this delicate cream crochet bag that you can find in the category Baskets and Bags. She tried so hard to draw our attention, to encourage us to cooperate with her. She was coming to us with ideas, trying to address european tastes. If you like this lovely bag, please contact us sending email to customer@kosshome.pl. We are ready to order more of them, in your favorite colors, at the same time giving job to someone who trully needs it.

Crochet bag made in Bali

... If you like this lovely bag, please contact us sending email to customer@kosshome.pl

Please join us in support for Balinese!
Regards, Agata
September 2021

Teak wood at Koss Home

For quite some time, I have been wondering how to start this blog. Finally, I chose Bali since that’s where a vital part of our products come from.

For me, Bali is a child of several coincidences that occurred in my life. I have never dreamed of Indonesia. If not for yoga, this part of my story wouldn’t have happened. Yoga invited me to an oasis of peace located right in the center of Ubud, a town bustling with life and activity. The room overlooked rice fields, immersed in water at that time of year. Yoga was plaited with warm sun rays, delicious vegan food and taste of fresh coconut milk. Thinking of Bali I think of good, smiling people. I did not find there white beaches with fine sand, I didn’t find there paradise on earth. But above all, I found a place that whispers to me “come back”.


Where did the idea for Bali at Koss Home come from?

I think I should start with another question. Where did the idea for Koss Home come from? Koss Home is the answer to our dreams of work that brings daily joy, that stimulates creativity, that gives others something valuable.

The vision of an internet store inspired by nature became brighter when another crochet basket was created that was no longer needed in my house. It longed to give joy and have its own place, I had to find solution! Then, one morning, when looking at my beautiful teak wood bowl, I thought, “How about combining cotton cord and teak wood under one brand?” After that day, step by step, we made our dream come true.

Bowls, plates, decorations

... when looking at my beautiful teak wood bowl, I thought "How about combining cotton cord and teak wood under one brand"?

Please share your opinion about our internet store sending email to customer@kosshome.pl
Regards, Agata
August 2021